Stay tuned for another season of “What is Christina Eating!?”

The school year is over and I finally have the time to get back to the basics.  I truly want this summer to be a transformative time in which I can get back to the things I love, develop positive habits of health and self care, and release all of the stress that I have experienced over the past few school years.

To reach my goal of developing healthy habits of self care, I want to go back to taking a photo diary of the food I eat each day.  I enjoyed doing this back in January in that it helped me to reflect upon how different foods and portions made me feel, as well as reflecting upon how my eating habits directly effected my weight.  I’m also recording exercise and weight.  I’m not on a particular eating program.  I do want to continue incorporating fresh juices.

Today I wanted to get in some actual cooking.  I have nearly all of my meals prepared for the week.  Below are listed a few recipes I’m trying out. I got really hungry at about 4pm.  I was at school moving heavy boxes and setting up the classroom.  All I could do was drink some water and grab a handful of snacks.  I need to keep snacks on hand for when hunger hits.

For exercise, I spent about an hour moving boxes of books from one school building to another.  Up the stairs, down the stairs, lift the box, empty the box, repeat.  I also belly danced a slow and fast song…about 10 minutes of practice.  My goal this summer is to get at least 10 minutes of belly dance practice in EVERY DAY.

Weight: 244.0     I just got off a 5 day juice fast, so I’m interested to see if I’ll gain much simply because I’m eating foods again.  We’ll find out over the next few days!  Also, I’m pretty psyched about my health journey thus far this year.  I started out at 265.4 back in January.  Given how much stress I was under as the school year progressed, I’m excited that I was still able to lose some weight.  I truly believe it is because I have incorporated juicing and occasional juice fasting into my diet.



2 thoughts on “Stay tuned for another season of “What is Christina Eating!?”

    • cryingfire says:

      After all of the dieting I’ve done in the past, I can’t stand keeping a written food diary, counting calories/points, etc. However, a photo diary seems to work for me. Thanks for the support!

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